workshop feedback

Joshua (5)

My son has loved coming to visit Kerri . He has come so far since starting and doing her exercises. I have found Kerri to be patient and very relaxed with my son. I would eighty recommend her to anyone who has any concerns about their child’s development. (Myra, April 2017)

Brodie (age 5)

Just as an update, we’ve been diligently practicing Brodie’s home-play exercises each night (which he’s really enjoying!), and already one of his school teachers has commented that she’s noticing progress which is fabulous news! Thank you so much! (Katie-Jane, April 2017)

Sophia (age 7)

My Grandaughter Sofia has had challenges with hand eye coordination, balance, muscle weaknesses, bed wetting and general low self esteem and personal confidence.
After attending a Foundation Skills Workshop with Educarents (Home base childcare) I became more aware of Sofias muscle weaknesses and how strengthening these muscles with simple exercises explained and demonstrated by therapist and tutor Kerri Bainbridge, and helping Sofias awareness to keep up such exercises.
I  have seen a marked improvement in all aspects of her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. Her self confidence, self awareness, and self empowerment is a work in progress but to experience her joy in showing me her new dance moves, her swimming abilities, her letter writing, her confident communication, her singing.
Beautiful to experience and observe a budding flower gently opening to reveal exquisite potential. My darling grandaughter Sofia. (Merlene, March 2017)

Nelson Central School- Nurture group

I have been using Brain Gym in my Nurture Group (5-6 year olds) for the last couple of terms.  I only have to think back to those first few days of explaining the different parts of Brain Gym to my little group of five to see how far we have come. Initially we struggled with the different exercises but once we broke it down and focused on one exercise at a time we soon mastered it! We now start every session following along with Kerri in her you tube video (www.braingymnelson.co.nz/pace).

The children are now in such a routine. The first thing they do is get themselves a glass of water and then we are ready to start. Once we get to the hook up and see I seem them all laying there relaxed and calm, I feel my self welling up with pride. The difference in their attention and focus is incredible. I’ve also noticed that if the classroom has been especially busy and we take a few minutes to “hook up” before lunch we have a much calmer time eating our lunch! (Victoria, November 2016)
Hook ups

Daniel (age 4)

“We brought Daniel (4) to Kerri because we were concerned about his speech. Since starting the movement program with Kerri in September we have noticed his speech is clearer and he is more willing and able to express his feelings. He loves the activities so we don’t have any issue doing the program with him everyday. We are really pleased with his progress and will be continuing with the program suggested.”

(Jessica, 27th October 2016)

Kayden (age 4)

“Hi Kerri, Kayden is going great. We have made so much progress in last month or 2, he’s starting school in 2 weeks and he’s been great in his visits with no problems with me waiting on class while they go on walks. His anger is still a slight problem but it’s become more manageable. We have been able to cut back on the movement activities you gave us to 2-3 times a week because we have found he’s been so much better. Thanks Melissa, 11th October 2016 “

School feedback

“My little nurture group are loving our Brain Gym sessions each morning and pleased to say we have mastered the Hook Ups ! We found your video on YouTube so we follow along with you every morning.”

Victoria Goode, Teacher Aid, Nelson Central School (September, 2016)

“B” (age 5)

“Kerri, I just wanted to let you know that I feel relieved that finally we appear to be targeting “B’s” programme at the level required at school. She loves her morning Brain Gym work with the TA, double doodles etc and is thriving in the small Nurture Group we have running. Your assessment and advice has played a major part in helping us to target her needs.

Thanks so much”

Tracy Watkin, SENCO, Nelson Central School, (August 2016)

Michael (5)

Michael really enjoys Brain Gym. We have got into a routine now with the activities we do at home and he doesn’t let me forget. He loves this special time we spend together. I have noticed in the 2 months he has been doing the movements that he is doing them with more control. I remember his first session with Kerri he was flopping all over the place so this is a great improvement. He is self-motivated to do many of the activities himself. His teacher supports Michael at school doing Brain Gym with the whole class and he was keen this week to show Kerri what he can do. (Liz, 2nd June 2016)

“Hi Kerri, thought I’d share with you that Michael has been dry the last five nights. And last night without a nappy. Progress.” (Liz, 7th June 2016)

Kayden (4)

After just 4 sessions with Kerri, Kayden has become more confident and is listening better. I am raising my voice less in frustration which I love. He is sleeping better over this last week and I have noticed his balance has improved. His Kindy teachers have also noticed positive changes with less “no”s being said. He was a different little boy this session with Kerri. He took instruction from her and was fully engaged. (Melissa, 2nd June 2016)

Roby (age 8)

I first saw Roby in October 2015 for help to improve his reading. Roby was was also experiencing challenges with staying on task, he had some coordination issues, balance issues and tires easily when working on tasks. After having done an initial assessment I made recommendations for movements that would best support him toward this goal. On the 25th February I made this recording with is mother Harley, by way of feedback about how he is going so far.

Tracy’s daughter

Bringing my daughter to Kerri was the best thing I could have done for both of us.  I am a school teacher so I felt like I should have been able to help my 6 year old who was struggling with reading.  The more strategies I was doing to try and help her the more frustrated both of us were feeling!  In our first session Kerri assessed her to see what learning profile she was and what a gift.  Now I understand that her brain can’t even function when she’s under stress.  The more I was trying to help her, the more stress she was under and the more her right brain couldn’t access her left brain.  It is so obvious and clear to me now.  We do our brain gym exercises daily and our rhythm movement exercises and she is now doing really well with her reading.  She is learning to do her positive points, hook ups and belly breathing when she is feeling stressed.

Thank you Kerri, a much happier little girl and mummy! (Tracy, November 2015)

Kayla (7)

When I first say Kayla she had issues relating to vision, balance, posture, focus and attention. I developed a personalise movement program and she and her parents did everything I asked of them. This is what her mother said after 4 months:

“A very big thank you to Kerri would have to be our first comment in our testimonial.  We have a 7 year old daughter who is behind in the National Levels for her years.  Although she has had huge support from the School she didn’t seem to be improving.  Noticed at home her focus was shocking and retaining things was not terrible good.  On our third year at Parent/Teacher interviews and to hear the same thing again we decided enough was enough.  Just before the end of Term One this year the school sent out the newsletter and on the back was an advertisement for Brain Gym.  Looked at the website and thought it is here in Nelson and worth a shot.  Sent through a message and was answered almost immediately.  On our first visit I was embarrassed at the lack of focus she had with Kerri.

Kerri assessed and put a programme in place immediately for us.  Every morning we start the day with the 10 minute routine.  Great songs to work with.  Some days more stressful than others.  Co-operation some days were better than others.  Lots of touch and support was given to our young lady every day.  She hated reading and writing.  Drama after drama to get her to do anything.

Term two came and went with lots of time where the routine was not pleasant.  We (parents) were determined to give this it everything that Kerri had said and to get our daughter moving forward.

First parent/teacher interview in Term Three brought tears to our eyes.  We had the first interview with her teacher where she had totally shocked her with her connection with school and her peers.  We finally had a break through.  Every night we read and it is a pleasure.  Every night there are piles of paper around that she has written stories on and her spelling is improving.  We don’t want a scholar just a daughter that can make it in the world.  Thanks to the input of Brain Gym we are making our way.  We could go on but I highly recommend this programme and this amazing teacher.  We as parents have learnt so much too.  We are still today doing the movements that we have been shown and our daughter is doing well. ” (Jo and Rod August 2015)


When I first met Lia in February she was finding it difficult to focus and concentrate on school work. This bubbly bright 6 year old was always on the go and very affectionate. I developed a personalised movement program for her and she and her parents did everything I asked of them. By July this is the feedback I have from her mother.

“Lia at the moment is awesome, she got the principal’s award for huge improvement in classroom behaviour. She’s getting better in reading and writing even if sometimes she doesn’t want to do it. She is a cheeky monkey!!! She really enjoy to doing the spelling exercise backwards!!! We’re going on with our routine as usual. I want to write something on your Facebook page soon. Thank you. See you in a couple of months.” (Roberta, August 2015)


My son has been seeing Kerri for several months now and I am seeing real improvement. I was amazed when Kerri showed me how little eye coordination he had and this made so much sense as his reading is very slow, he can’t stay focused on the words and is always drifting off to the pictures. Now after 2 months this is improving really well. He had very low muscle tone too and he is feeling much stronger and has more energy. I am happy to keep doing the movements Kerri gives us because he loves them and I know we are making progress. Thanks Kerri. (Michelle, June 2015)

S (adult client)

Thank you so much for coming to see me yesterday .I could not believe the time when we finished our session. You are so conscientious it was such as pleasure working with you: normally my attention span is around 20-40 minutes these days before  I tire but I felt good after our session. I also feel that if part of my recovery is linked  within the remit of Brain Gym it won’t go unmissed as you are so thorough. I like also that the exercises you have given me feel very manageable and I look forward to giving them a go.
Kind regards, S

Fiona (Adult client)

Kerri was compassionate and caring as she worked with me to find out what my body was trying to say. (Fiona, March 2015)


“Finally someone was able to show me what I needed to do to help Jesse. I was surprised to see how poor his physical skills were. It made so much sense as Kerri explained and showed me the movements we needed to do. It has only been a few months and I have noticed Jesse is stronger and his confidence has improved. We have also noticed his handwriting is neater.  Kerri is the first person who hasn’t put a label on my son and is helping him to improve the physical skills he needs for learning. “ (Susanna, February 2015)


22 dry nights Kerri! Lexi is so proud of herself. She loves the movements and asks for them every night and we love the one on one time with her it give us. She is also socially coming out of her shell and we couldn’t be happier with her progress. I  can’t believe that in 2 short months she is a different girl. See you after the holidays for a follow up. Many thanks. (Donna, January 2015)


B (Adult client)

Hi Kerri

Managed to sleep for 9 hours last night! This was very therapeutic … as was my session with you yesterday. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift – your time, energy and feedback has made a big difference to how I feel about the world at the moment.

B  September 2014


Sienna doing really well with all the routines you gave us. I got a great video of her doing her Brain Gym on the beach in the holidays. She is becoming more responsible for her own behaviour and meltdowns are becoming fewer. The Hook Ups are working really well when she feels overwhelmed or upset.  I also think her ball skills have improved.

(T and J September 2014)

Sienna responded well to the rocking at bed time last night. We did the gentle rocking you gave us, which she liked, but then rolled her on her side and placed my hand on her back – upper side and gently rocked her, within 5 mins she was asleep (with no teddy which I’d forgot to bring!). She was reluctant to do any exercises this am. But K lept in as well to help and we all did them. Incentivised the poster with a reward, and saved the double doodles to last (felt pens and paper). I said if she does the exercises she can double doodle to her hearts content –which she did and loves.

Then she was right, happy to get dressed, no toilet or toothbrush battles (that’s a first in a while – for me), sang all the way to school. A quick session in the corridor switching on brain buttons and she was happy for me to go.

Waiting for J’s report tonight now, but that was an excellent start!

(TB, September 2014)


Riley was struggling with concentrating during class, falling behind. He has improved greatly with school work and matured a lot since we have been working on the exercises Kerri has given him. He was very fidgety but can redirect his energy positively now. He has introduced his class to what he has been learning and the school has been very supportive in helping riley. He enjoyed his time here and it helped him alot. (Marion – 19 May 2014)


Jaxon received an award presented to him at the whole school assembly for his extra efforts at toward his own learning. It was a principal’s certificate. Jaxons own perception of his learning has changed in the way he has slowed down and things more about what to do and how to do it. His creative thinking has been ignited. He is more relaxed with problems he faces. (Rebecca – 19 May 2014)

Jaxon’s teacher commented that in the first week she noticed an improvement in his attitude to learning. (Rebecca – 7 May 2014)


5485258Hi Kerri,

Jesse has scored 10/10 every week this term with spelling… a record!!!

Have you set up a facebook page or website – am happy to share some of the creative way we’ve been learning words:) see file below.

Connie (March 2014)

Hi Kerri,

Thanks so much for your input into Jesse’s learning this term. His attitude to writing has improved which was his main goal of the year.

I think the key for him was understanding why/ how brain gym helps him. You were able to explain this clearly to both him as a child and to myself.

We really appreciated the extra time you had with us individually.I’m really keen for Jesse to keep practicing his exercises over the holidays and have enrolled him for the Monday sessions again next term.
Connie and John (December 2013)


Hi Kerri,

Thank you for helping River and offers to talk to the school. I do hope they take you up on it.

Attached is Rivers stone soup handwriting. He made the soup first. He wrote this over 3 days about half an hour each time, he was motivated, focussed, and concentrating on letter formation and spelling. A pleasure to see such a happy enthusiastic boy.

I hope you can use this for your website.

Much appreciated,

Steph (March 2014)

Hi Kerri,

Called in at class this morning to ask about the Principals Excellence Award he received for Wonderful Handwriting and I’ve attached the work he received the certificate for – compared to the rest of the class his handwriting is the worst by far, but for River it is improving!

Must make sure I keep up the brain gym etc over the holidays.

Steph (December 2013)


Thanks Kerri,

I thought I’d mention that Miss Burn noticed a positive difference in Mia yesterday when she returned to school. She almost thought she had a different child as she forgot about Brain Gym, lol. So the work you did with Mia made a positive effect on Mia’s attention and concentration. I will keep up with the activities and look forward to seeing you on the 31st.



P.S I’m just so glad to finally communicate on the same wavelength as my daughter and not be annoyed and both be frustrated. I know it all takes time but it’s great to take a step in the right direction.

(March 2014)