Balance Boards help children with sensory processing disorders

Why Not Have Fun While Developing Coordination Skills And Alleviating Fears?

Many children with sensory processing disorders share the difficulty of not having good balancing skills and, sometimes, an intense fear of activities which put them in an “off-balance” position.

These difficulties and fears will translate into problems learning and performing multiple motor tasks, playing with their peers, and participating in physical education or organised sports. If you have, or were, one of these kids, you may know about, or fear, the labeling and horrible comments children will make if you are an uncoordinated child! Let me help protect your child from this

Balancing boards is a fun therapeutic tools you can use at home or in the classroom. Using a balance board for therapeutic training and practice will help your child overcome fears and develop the necessary skills for normal childhood activities which require good balance and coordination.

With a combination of exercises, physical or occupational therapy, practice, and using equipment such as balance boards, your child may finally be running, jumping, climbing, walking across unsteady/uneven surfaces at the playground, playing sports, and riding bikes with their peers.

If you desire these skills for your child (or your child desires them) and you want to help them with their “therapy” right from the comfort of your own home, then a balance board is just what you need!

Your child will love it because it is fun to use AND because they will gain the balance and coordination skills necessary to keep up with their peers.

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