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Nelson Christian Academy new entrant class are using Brain Gym in the classroom have also used my equipment this year and are coming along in leaps and bounds.

Brain Gym equipment

(review by Victoria Goode, Nelson Central School, Nurture Group, November 2016)
We have been using the following brain gym equipment in class:

Lazy eight – the students have gone from whizzing the ball round the board so fast that it only ever completed a couple of rotations, to timing themselves to see how long they can keep their eye on the marble as it smoothly runs around the lazy eight.

Flip board – oh the fun we have had to start with bean bags flying all over the room to now celebrating every time we catch the been bag and counting how many times in a row we succeed.

Balance board – we have progressed from every  child needing a hand to balance to nearly all the children not only balancing but throwing and catching bean bags or balls.

The feeling of success these students have had in the last few weeks as they master both Brain Gym exercises  and the equipment is priceless. Just this last week they have been demonstrating what they have learnt to older students.

Nurture Group