Get moving with Brain Gym®

On this page you will find videos showing the the basic Brain Gym movements to help you start your day. I hope you will do these movements everyday. There are 4 videos and some have more explanation and coaching to help you do the movements the right way.

These movements are ideally suited to children over 5 as most children under 5 are not ready to do the cross crawl movement standing up. If you are working with under 5s please do this movement sitting down.

Just hover your mouse over them to see the name of the video.

  1. The Brain Gym Song movements- NEW version
  2. The Brain Gym Song movements- original video
  3. Brain Gym with coaching about how to do the movements
  4. Brain Gym with no talking, just the movements
  5. Do the Brain Gym Song with the kids (age 5) from NCA


Don’t forget to buy the Brain Gym Song from Tessarose Productions or iTunes.