Junior Team gets Brain Gym training at Nelson Christian Academy

primative reflexesThe Nelson Christian Academy junior syndicate team asked me to present the fundamental skills for Literacy to them this week in a 1 hour presentation after school. I led them through a demonstration on how they can use Brain Gym in the classroom for Literacy and spoke about the link between school readiness and a child’s readiness for learning.

Having already done a full day Introduction to Brain Gym Workshop with me a few years back, New Entrant Teacher, Noeline Strange already uses Brain Gym in her class everyday. She knows just how important it is for developing the fundamental skills for her students as they learn the physical skills needed to read and write. Noeline has a range of resources available from my online shop that she uses along side the Brain Gym movements to build these vital skills.

Its not just about the act of reading or writing its about identifying the gaps – have they got the fine motors skills they need for pencil grip, do their eyes track across the page for reading, do they have the postural support to sit comfortably at the desk… just to name a few.

Here’s what some of the team thought of the training:

Was the training useful?

“Yes” says Hilary. “Some good practical thoughts.  Kerri was easy to listen to. Good balance of theory and practical.”

“yes” says Sarah. ” It makes a lot of sense. Kerri was clear and interesting. She made me feel like a child (would feel or from a child’s perspective).

“Yes” says Elise. ” Practical help.”

Yes” says Noeline. ” Helped remind me of different exercises (I can use). Informative.”

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