Helping Kids Learn

As an Educational Kinesiologist I specialise in assisting children to overcome learning, emotional and physical challenges. Many issues faced by children at school with learning can be addressed with simple movements that build the essential physical skills they need for learning.

Similarly emotional and physical stressors (like bed wetting, fear, anxiety and temper) can be addressed with simple movement activities that address physical development and brain development.

“The healthy child knows when he or she is stuck, and asks for help by means of his or her behavior. Given the opportunity to move in his own way, the child is capable of completing the learning cycle. With support, and with permission to move in the classroom in a positive manner, he will unfold into his unique and complete intelligence in a way that is natural and easy. He will not be blocked; he will be free to learn.” (Brain Gym – Teacher’s Edition Revised.” copyright 1994).

I am often approached by parents who are discouraged about their child’s learning progress. They tell me that their child is bright, and that he or she shows interest in learning at home or during the holidays yet at school, they say, that their child is bored or struggling, slower than others in completing work, looking for ways to avoid assignments, and—once home—often not motivated to do homework or forgetting to do it.

You can help in as little as 5 minutes a day if your child has difficulty with:

  • learning, focus, memory or comprehension
  • posture, coordination or balance
  • bed wetting, buttons or tying shoe laces
  • sensitivity, fears or emotions


Learning, Focus and Behaviour

Want to know how brain development affects learning, focus and behaviour go to my School Readiness page where you will find some short videos to help you understand the behaviours you are seeing in your child. 

“Riley was struggling with concentrating during class, falling behind. He has improved greatly with school work and matured a lot since we have been working on the exercises Kerri has given him.” Marion

Gut leak and behaviour

There is considerable research being done that links the health of the gut to behaviour. There is evidence that Leaky Gut Syndrome has been found in cases of autism and research by Dr Lyons (wrote the book “Is your child’s brain starving”) has done shows that most children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) suffer from leaky gut. Dr Lyons found that of the majority of ADHD children had little or no friendly (probiotic) gut bacteria, and all had a high amount of potentially harmful (pathogenic) bacteria in their bodies. A 1/3 of them had intestinal parasites. His research also indicated that more than 80% of children with behavioural or cognitive problems identified specific immune system weakness in them.

You can read these findings in the link below. Dr Lyons article has some practical ways to heal leaky gut syndrome:

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