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Lazy 8

Lazy 8 breathing technique for calming. Attached is a great printable to help students with their breathing using the Brain Gym Lazy 8. I see a lot of children with reading issues that are really breathing issues. Sounds funny but when children begin to read they are asked to read aloud. Our ability to read aloud is different to the ability to read to ourselves. We are often much calmer reading to ourselves where it doesn’t matter if we make a mistake or read a word thats not there. The flow of our reading is not stopped all the time with someone correcting us all the time. Imagine the stress some kids have reading a loud.

If your child is struggling with reading aloud, watch and listen to their breathing. If they are holding their breath or seem out of breath you need to find a way to help the calm down. Its obviously stressful.

One technique I used on my son was to have him march up and down the hall before homework reading. This worked for a while because it was new and seemed fun. This technique was using the Brain Gym Cross Crawl movement I described last week. As kids get older its not as easy to get them to do these things even though it helps. My son’s issue is that he can’t process the words as fast as he is required to read it. He sees the words and freezes. Holds his breath and gets frustrated he can’t find the words to say them out loud. Its not that he can’t read but that he cannot say them without delay like he is expected to. Its therefore stressful. Now he is older he works on his breathing but he is a boy. He doesn’t always do what is best. He doesn’t want to be different.

Brain Gym assist with finding the right method to build the physical skills we need for learning. The sooner these skills are developed the less stress they cause.

Let me know if this helps your child. If your child is stills struggling maybe I can help with another skill.

Kerri Bainbridge

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