Brain Gym in Schools

Brain Gym

This week I visited the new entrant glass at Nelson Christian Academy to see how they have been getting on with the resources they have from my shop and doing Brain Gym Movements. First we did some Brian Gym movements to the Brian Gym Song (Tessarose Productions). They love the song and we keen to show me how much they have improved.

Noeline Strange (teacher) said she had noticed lots of improvement in the two terms she has been doing Brain Gym with the kids.

Joshua blew me away to day because he was the only one to answer my maths question. This is a big milestone for him. I have also noticed an improvement in the form of his Lazy 8s. (Noeline, 28 August 2017)

Practicing our Lazy 8s

We set up the tables with big pieces of paper so they could practice their Lazy 8s.

Lazy 8’s are used in Brain Gym to help your child:

  • think more clearly
  • relax and calm
  • improve hand-eye co-ordination
  • improve visual tracking (moving you eyes and not your head to see something)
  • increase attention span
  • increase writing flow and speed
  • balance emotions
  • improves memory
  • improve cross laterality (crossing the midline of the body, your belly button, connects the right and left hemisphere)
  • to develop hand dominance (being right or left handed)

This activity is especially useful and beneficial  for children with Dyslexia, ADD, Dyspraxia, Developmental Delay or a Sensory Processing disorders.

Balance board

Develop balance skills with a Balance Board. This one is made of Rimu.

Flip board- Rimu or Pine

Lazy 8

Lazy 8 boards- Rimu or Pine










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