Brain Gym in schools

There are several options for schools to get involved with using Brain Gym in schools. Here are a list of programmes available.

1. Child assessment on or off site

I offer 2 types of assessments. Firstly, a School Readiness assessment which identifies any gaps in the physical skills necessary for formal learning. Secondly, I can assess a child’s optimal learning profile (Brain Dominance Profile). The report includes information relevant to the classroom and activities that will assist the child to develop the physical skills needed for learning or be in an optimal state to receive learning.

2. In-class programme

Brain Gym in schoolsNo need to withdraw kids from class, no need for bulky equipment -just up-skill the teachers to use Brain Gym as part of their teaching strategy. I mentor classroom teachers to use Brain Gym movements.  There are specific movement for specific learning goals (e.g writing reading and maths) or these movements can be used as transitional activities to re-energise and refocus students for optimum learning opportunities.

Whether a teacher wants to use it all day or just part of the day for a particular learning/curriculum area, I can help them find the right movements to suit.


Brain Gym Nelson Workshop3. Off site training programme

I run Introduction to Brian Gym Workshops at least twice a year. See the Workshop tab on this website for the next workshop.

4. On site/ Tailored programme for your staff

Speak to me today about a tailored program for your team.

Programs can be tailored to suit- Staff meetings, teacher only days, syndicate release days. This may focus around a curriculum area. For example if you want to see how Brain Gym can help with writing I can do a presentation to staff in 30 minutes to include the relevant Brain Gym movements.

Here’s what Nelson Christian Academy Junior team said about a session I did on Writing and Reading.

5. Group programme (alternative to whole class)

This involves withdrawing groups of students for targeted activities.

What evidence is there that Brain Gym works? Check out the FAQ page for answers