Good reads -for movement and learning


These are items I don’t sell in my shop but are ones I often talk to my clients about. 

educate-your-brainI have read the following books I can recommend to my readers:

Educate your Brain by Kathy Brown
– this is a very easy to read book and explains really well the benefits of Brain Gym® for everyone but most especially on those with learning challenges. This can be purchased from Kathy Brown’s website or Book Depository.




Brain Gym® Teacher’s Edition – this book describes all 26 BG activities. It gives coaching tips and a full explanation of how each activity is done. there is a great section on selecting the right activities for specific learning areas you want to focus on and games to help you teach in a fun interactive way. This book can be purchased from the Brain Gym New Zealand website bookshopbraingym



Reflexes, Learning and Behavior by Sally Goddard– this book provides valuable information about the role reflex development has on learning and behaviour. This can be purchased from Book Depository.

Reflexes Learning and Behaviou


Useful websites for those interested in Brain Gym®

Brain Gym® NZ
Brain Gym® International
Kathy Brown has some free resources and information about how to purchase her new book