About Me


Kerri Bainbridge with son Alex (12 years)

As teacher I became interested in helping children overcome barriers to learning that arise, not from a medical condition, but from internal stressors that disrupt the ability to be receptive to learning. Brain Gym® and Kinesiology work well together to effectively improve the physical skills required for learning.

I have years of experience working with children experiencing learning and emotional challenges.

I currently work full time so I have developed the memberships you can find on this website so you can do Brain Gym at home or at school to help you and your children with the skills they need for learning. You will find it very economical and effective. All you need to do is be committed to changing what is to allow what could be. Like building a muscle at the gym, if you want to make a difference you need to do something over and over till it becomes a habit. So start with a 3 month subscription and do the activities everyday … until you don’t need it any more. If you need more than 3 months you can always renew. You will get out of it what you put in. Try one of my videos our for free.


Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Primary) – University of Canterbury
Bachelor of Business Studies (Human Resources) – Massey University

Educational Kinesiologist and registered Brain Gym Practitioner (NZ)

Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym®)

(Edu-K) is a comprehensive mind/body integration programme that uses specific movement to enhance our abilities and confidence – in learning, sport, performing arts, communication, or whatever our challenges may be. It incorporates the movement activities known and taught as Brain Gym®, and works for children, or adults. Edu-K processes enable us to improve our neurological organisation and flexibility, making it possible to release old beliefs and inhibiting or compensatory patterns of movement and behaviour. When mind and body work together in harmony, the result is wholeness, full self-expression, creativity, responsible choice making and easy movement into new challenges. Edu-K gives us the tools to become our best.


Clinic location
Kerri works with people of all ages. Kerri has clinic times available in Richmond, and can visit your home by arrangement. Working with Children with learning challenges. Normal hours are between 9-3pm. Contact me if you cannot find a suitable day or time.

Working with children

When working with children I assess for and work with those with:

• Developmental delays such as retained primitive reflexes
• Learning challenges such as writing, reading and maths
• Physical challenges such as coordination and balance
• Social and emotional challenges

When working with children a parent or guardian should be present and sessions are an hour. All sessions result in home support activities designed to support the work done or identified during the session.

Sessions are $65 and are an hour long. During the first session each child is taken through a skills assessment screening. Following the first session, a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended. Pay for 3 sessions up front and get one free. All session are to be used within 4 months of the original session.

Working with adults

When working with adults I work with individuals in the areas of personal growth, relationship or goal setting issues.

I also work with those who have experienced mental trauma or dealing with physical stress due to brain injury or stroke, anxiety, mobility and pain.

Sessions are between 1.5hrs and 2 hrs an cost between $95-$130.

Workshops offered:
Introduction to Brain Gym for Teachers, Early Childhood Educators and Home Educators
Introduction to Brain Gym for business. Please see the Workshops page on this website for details.


Courses are offered in Nelson. Please inquire if you would like me to travel to other regions.

Associations: Brain Gym NZ Website