Brain Gym® exercises are exercises designed to help the brain function better during the learning process. These exercises are based on the idea that simple physical exercise helps blood flow to the brain and can help improve the learning process by making sure the brain stays alert. Students can use these simple exercises on their own, and teachers can use them in class to help keep energy levels up throughout the day.

These simple exercises are based on the copyrighted work of Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D., and Gail E. Dennison. Brain Gym® is a registered trademark of Brain Gym® International. I first encountered Brain Gym when training to be a primary teacher and have been using it for more than 5 years in the classroom and privately with parents and their children as a registered Educational Kinesiologist.

In “Smart Moves,” a best-selling book written by Carla Hannaford, Ph.D. Dr. Hannaford states that our bodies are very much a part of all our learning, and learning is not an isolated “brain” function. Every nerve and cell is a network contributing to our intelligence and our learning capability. Many educators have found this work quite helpful in improving overall concentration in class.

Got 5 minutes a day? Those who do Brain Gym® consistently notice learning is easier. Sign up to one of my subscriptions and follow me in doing Brain Gym in your home or in your classroom.

Have a look at the School Readiness page on this website for videos that explain how brain development occurs and some of the challenges kids face if they get stuck in their development.

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If you want to know about Reflex development go the the Reflex development and learning page for a great video explanation. This video gives a brief description of some of the primitive reflexes as well as the possible effects they may have on learning. It also gives examples of success stories using Brain Gym techniques.