IS YOUR CHILD EXPERIENCING CHALLENGES WITH LEARNING? WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE LEARNING READY? There are many reasons why a child struggles at school. I help kids with challenges such as:

  • learning, focus, memory or comprehension
  • posture, coordination or balance
  • bed wetting, buttons or tying shoe laces
  • sensitivity, fears or emotions


Got 5 minutes a day? Those who do Brain Gym® consistently notice learning is easier.

Have a look at the School Readiness page on this website for videos that explain how brain development occurs and some of the challenges kids face if they get stuck in their development.

If you want to know about Reflex development go the the Reflex development and learning page for a great video explanation. This video gives a brief description of some of the primitive reflexes as well as the possible effects they may have on learning. It also gives examples of success stories using Brain Gym techniques.

If you want to know about my clinical sessions with kids go to Helping Kids learn page.

If you want to know about my clinical session with adults go to the Working with Adults page.

Call me (0210781336)to discuss your child’s needs. Then come and have them assessed.